Friday, June 22, 2012

Hi there, I'm still around; can you smell my aura?

I promise you, I am having a mega cringe-fest as I am typing this. I have not been posting for THREE weeks!

I know that's bad and I wish I had an excuse. I could blame Cape Town's bad weather but my boyfriend is still not in town to keep me warm, so really I have no reason to stay away from the pen and paper (hope that makes sense).

Perhaps the heaps of varsity work I had to complete in two weeks coupled with work's scary deadlines can be seen as my reasons to neglect you? Well, that's my reason and I am sticking to it.

I must say I never thought working and studying at the same time would be this demanding! I have not even had time to shave my under arms...ooops! Too much info.

But anyways, with the first semester gone (thank goodness!) I am happy to say I will now have time to do what I enjoy the most; sharing my view of the world with you! I have so much to tell, its quite amazing!

I promise not to vanish like that again.

Cheers for now; I am off to have a "me-weekend", that is hours spent in bed, loads of rooibos tea and lots of reading. I need that...or maybe I'm just broke.

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