Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Its Barbie Biiiiirch!

And yes, I did feel like a I was playing with a Harajuku Barbie when I made this collage
I was introduced to Nicki Minaj by a friend early last year. Though I instantly loooved her fashion sense, I had my reservations with regards to her music. Firstly, I could not hear word she uttered; secondly her animated facial expressions and vocals did annoy me.
I did not understand all the fuss around her and I secretly feared that she would steal Lady Gaga’s spotlight.

Being a devoted Little Monster, I just could not bear the thought of Mother Monster’s decline!
So I spent months trying to ignore her pink presence. And let me tell you right now, ignoring Nicki is like trying to find a man in Cape Town – HARD WORK! I mean, that girl’s ass is just all over the place, literally!
Eventually I gave up and decided to give a try. I have, absolutely, no idea how it happened but before I knew it, I was a Men Ken, complete with an English accent, a squeaky voice and a Nicki Minaj Blink!  
To make up for the lost time, I got myself her debut album, Pink Friday and her latest offering Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded at the same time. I tell you no lies, I have been listening to nothing else, but Nicki Minaj for the last two months.
Call me obsessed but I am considering getting myself a pink tutu and a bleach blond wig – for real!

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