Friday, June 29, 2012

The elephant in the room

1.       Overly defined jaw line, check.
2.       Painfully sticking out cheek bones, check.
3.       Ribs countable from two meters away, check.
4.       Legs and arms resemble twigs, check.
5.       Hip bone ridiculously visible, check.
I look skeletal to say the least. That’s okay, because this is only acceptable; it’s what an “IT Girl” should look like. The media can’t stress that enough. So I am certain that as I step out the door, I will turn heads. I’ll be the envy of all those fat girls in size 32 jeans.
And when I step into the casting studio, I will not feel like an elephant in the room. That’s what happened the last time – I had starved myself for two weeks. But I tripped on that morning, I had a carrot for breakfast and forgot to throw up!

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