Friday, June 29, 2012

Try a cliché

Not so long ago, during one of our looooong tele chats, my boyfriend suggested that I try my hand at fashion blogging. I won’t lie and say this has not crossed my mind a bit too often and I quickly dismissed it each time.
He knows I'm mad about fashion and he reckons that I’d put Bryan Boy to shame if I started blogging on it. I’m not too sure about succeeding Bryan but I know I’d enjoy it.
BUT…I’m gay!
I mean, gay + fashion = cliché. Do you get it or am I too careful not to be labelled “typically gay”?
It’s quite clear that most gay people love fashion; hence a lot of them have made successful careers in that field. That’s not a bad thing but it has sort of fuelled the stereotype (if I can call it that) that gay people are into “fluffy” interests such as fashion.
For that reason and my endless endeavour to be distinct, I don’t wanna blog about fashion. I’d rather comment on…uhm…everything else. But who knows? Someday I might try may hand at it.
Just to keep the boyfriend quiet.  

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