Thursday, May 3, 2012

Wedding cake in the middle of the road

Before him, I would have never given a guy in a suit and a tie a second look. He looked a bit too straight, had a bounce in his walk and had tads of township slang in his language. See, a very specific kind of guy interests me. He walks with a twist (I know), talks with a twang and looks like he just stepped out of a street fashion blog post. I guess you could say I like them “physically gay”. That explains the list of trannies in my ex list.
But it was different with this one; something about his extreme straightness sharpened my curiosity. At least curiosity is all I thought he managed to dig out of me. Before I knew it, I was head over heels in love with him. Though it was the kind of love I could not openly share, I found myself eager to give it a try. He made me promise to keep everything under wraps – something I would have never agreed to had I been in a normal state of mind. Like they say, love makes us do all sorts stupid things.
Part of the deal was to never act like we had any romantic link in front of people; no holding of hands, no pet names and definitely no stolen pecks! I had to be less flamboyant about my sexuality. I am best known for my imaginary hair flicks and my Naomi Campbell walk so you can just imagine what a torture that relationship must have been.
So yeah, I had fallen for a brother on the Down Low, an after 9, a Night Rider and honey, I had it really baaaad!
We had been together for six month when the news of his pregnant girlfriend and a wedding on the way broke!!! Nothing made sense; how long had he been with this girl? Had he been cheating on me/on her all this time? When did he find time to be with her, let alone impregnate her? Did she know about his sexuality? Where does this leave me?
All those questions were responded to with a single answer: “I’m sorry, but God, my family and the community expect me to get married and have children; that’s how life should be.”
So he went ahead and got married, they had a beautiful baby girl. They must have left their wedding cake in the middle of the road though.  A “till death do us part” did not happen. There must have been more worses than betters. My ex now walks the streets without a band on his finger, his ex wife is a single mother and I…I will never, ever get involved with a guy that has issues with his sexuality.

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  1. Ahhh man. This piece is amazing. And then what happened? I enjoyed reading it. lol