Friday, May 4, 2012

Things we do in love!

Earlier today while I was having a moment, I decided to go through my old Facebook posts and found one of my rather cheesy notes. I wrote this for my ex and I do have a rigid belief that I must have been really drunk on love! I could not stop cringing as I read it so I though I'd share it with you:

Echoing silence had made a home in my heart for a while
Setting me distinct, I had become accustomed to it
For its arctic nature I only knew
Wary loneliness kept my being in its cold eye

Years rolled, circumstances became overly comfortable
Shoved into a comfort zone, I became convinced that my destiny is with me (alone)
Cold nights, tears, boredom…all became part of norm

One day he walked into the cold space I called my life
Suddenly warmth surrounded me
Feelings of happiness overwhelmed me.
He brought me back to senses

His presence gave birth to my joy
A joy whose taste I had long forgotten
It tickles my heart and sends beautiful sensation into my entire being.

His presence my joy…my newly found joy

Don't judge, I was in love! *hides*


  1. This is a well written and constructed expression of personal emotion.