Tuesday, March 13, 2012

We are afraid of the wrong things...

Really, are we?

How do you begin defining and assessing the meaning of the word “wrong” when, like me, you live in a country whose leaders have no clue of what it is? In a country where wrong is justified by traditional customs; where adultery and promiscuity can be redefined as polygamy.

How do you sift the wrong from the right when the majority of you co-inhabitants choose to make a leader out of a man who might be misinformed on one of the country’s most horrifying pandemics? The one that regards taking a shower as a safety measure?

Do Wrong Right


  1. I really agree with you not all that is "labelled wrong" is wrong to everyone, it's because we made to believe that something is wrong according to someone's mind but to us it might be right.

  2. Yes! at times we are not allowed space to express our true sentiments on issues. sometimes we deny ourselves that opporunity because we are too scared of how the public may perceive u.
    Thank you Rebecca!