Thursday, March 22, 2012

Boys will be boys

Okay, since I'm not really a "normal" boy, I think I have a write to put up this post:

We’ve all heard the saying “boys will be boys.” Ever wondered what this is based on? I think I read somewhere that women are generally smarter than men. I don’t know how much truth is in that claim, but deriving from my observations of the two sexes, I somehow believe it.

I can’t think of any girl who draws pride from the number of men she’s bedded, something I can’t really say about my fellow brothers. Trust me, I’ve met a lot. I think that has a lot with the fact that they’re not very shy about publicising such information. That alone says a lot about the differences in IQ levels between the male and the female species.

Listening to a conversation between  guys is always such a stunning experience. The subjects of the conversations range from fast cars, big penises (yes) and, my personal favourite, how they are the masters of cheating on their girlfriends. I always listen in awe hoping to hear “I’m just joking” at the end of each sentence they utter. Instead those sentences are accompanied with self appraisals and words of encouragement from the audience, who happen to have gone through similar experiences.

It rather arouses my interest how they manage to sexualise everything. Like, “Dude, if I was as rich and famous as Usher, I would sleep with any girl I want.” or “that guy must be getting the hottest action in bed since he’s dating that fine chick.” Being succesful and being in a relationship is what the rest of us ultimately wish for, but for some guys its all about the sexual opportunities involved in it.

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