Friday, March 9, 2012

Emotional roller coaster

Midst of the night, sweat glides down my forehead.
Closely followed by a similar salty fluid; the kind produced from my eyes.
A salty mixture of fluids dampening my pillow – a product of my hodgepodge of thoughts.
 I toss, I turn and I try hard to sink into unconsciousness.
“Darkness engulf me”
I call out to the night, numb to the painful truth that it has long fallen on me.
“Dawn on me”
I resort to that and an abrupt smile appears on my face.
The realisation of the dawn overwhelms me.
Rays of light fighting for habitation through the window grant me assurance.
They promise me that all is soon to be well.
High to the ranks of hope, I am lifted
“Sun, I am your child today.”


  1. Nice one Siya, such a good blogger.

    1. Thank you Ass-Kay! Please follow the blog darling for notifications on new posts and more!

    2. Ummmh how do you do that nana?

  2. On the left of the site, where it says "join this site", click there and follow instructions.