Friday, March 16, 2012

Casual Sex: An unattached string of immorality

I discovered casual sex’s shocking existence, back in the day, during my internet dating days. Yes, I did try that, don’t judge. It’s really not as cheesy as everyone makes it out to be.
I think sex should be a form of intimacy only shared between two
people who trully love each other
On my search for a perfect better half, I would come across announcements such as: “26 years old black male from Cape Town looking for casual fun with no strings attached.”  Later I would learn that “casual fun” is actually meaningless sex and no strings attached refers to no feelings or emotions involved. Much later these discoveries shooed me away from trying to find love on the internet.

I must have been foolish to think casual sex was only initiated online, which I had already jotted that down as one of the destructive effects of the internet.

I realised that casual sex was much more prominent on our much loved socialising spots like night clubs and the likes. Why did I not think about it? People do all sorts of ludicrous things under the influence of alcohol than when they are online.
As I started exploring life more, casual sex formed part of everyday living. One night stands, hook-ups, sexual favours and friends with benefits all became uncomfortably familiar. However, I struggled and still do, to come into terms with how everyone treated this as the most normal thing on earth.
I grew up believing that sex is a form of intimacy that can be shared only when love is involved. For that reason, I can’t begin to understand how two strangers with no romantic relation can ever be able to have sex. Not only do I feel engaging in casual sex immoral, it is also very irresponsible, stupid and even reflects a staggering amount of self disrespect. I don’t think by now I even need to highlight its role on the spread of HIV/AIDS.
if people still regard putting themselves in the dangers of HIV and unwanted preganancies as "fun", we still have a long way till the end of our problems.

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