Thursday, February 23, 2012

Two people come out of a building and into a story

Weddings are most people’s ultimate dream; almost everyone dreams of meeting their soul mate, tying the knot and living happily ever after with them. Weddings are beautiful; they are like an official start to a life long union of two individuals who swear to stick together no matter what.

I personally think that the most special moment of weddings is when the groom and the bride walk out of the church, arm in arm just after they have said their vows and exchanged rings. During this moment family and friends celebrate, dance, ululate and throw confetti at the newly weds as they glide down with serenity.

Have you ever thought about what this moment would be like if two grooms walked out the church arm in arm instead of a bride and a groom? Not only would this look rather odd in the eyes of some people but also it would certainly be a story to tell! It’s been years since gay marriages became legal in South Africa but its still quite an awe to see people of the same sex get married.

Instead of walking out to a group of cheerful spectators and get confetti thrown at them, gay newlyweds walk into a story. They become a front-page article of some tabloid, a feature in a magazine, a post in someone’s blog or just a part of the latest gossip in their communities. Not only do stories of gay couples break out as soon as they walk out churches after getting hitched, they get formed as they walk out of all kinds of buildings.

I still want to get married one day though. I dream of a wedding where I will walk out of a church into a story. This will be prejudice free story that celebrates and embrace my sexuality. I want to walk out into a story that will detail my wedding and explain my happiness as a human being and not as a gay man.

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