Thursday, February 23, 2012

Black Girl Problems

In the past few days, Cape Town’s weather has been very windy and quite unpleasant. This has brought two interesting revelations to me: 1) Skinny girls do have cellulite and 2) Girls, particularly black girls, have some serious issues going on underneath their weaves.

Thanks to the media, I had grown to believe skinny people have it all; the confidence, society’s acceptance and are cellulite free. Now I can announce (with an evil grin) that some skinny girls do in fact have, some orange-peel looking parts on their bodies. Well, that’s what the wind proudly displayed to me, with the help of some skinny girl’s itsy bitsy skirt

I have always known that it is almost impossible for black hair to be sleek and bouncy unless of course you relax it using some chemicals. However, most black girls make use of weaves and other hair extensions to achieve this look.

Looking at a weave wearing girl from a distance you would be convinced it does not get any more genuine than that. You would also think applying weave and hair extensions to one’s hair does not require much hassle, but what the wind has revealed states otherwise. I promise you, I did see a sewing thread sticking out of some girl’s hair! I saw missing hairlines that are meant to be perfectly hidden underneath the weave! I even saw patches of glue!!!

Out of all these incidents, this one takes the cake: I saw a girl running hysterically trying to catch her “pony tail” that had been blown away by the wind. At the same time she tried to cover the piece of stockings that was meant to keep her real hair in place. The poor thing eventually gave up and just stood there watching her pony tail disappear with the rest of the trash that the wind had collected. She then dug in her bag, took out a cap and wore it as she walked away. Now that’s what I call a girl with plan B.
Years of weaving is starting to catch up with Naomi Campbell.


  1. I LOVE your story! My first comment is that everyone has their imperfections, and not many realise that it's not about your physical body, but how healthy you are inside (your soul). When you have a healthy soul, you feed your body the right nutrients, exercise, love all humans unconditionally and concentrate on seeing the good in everyone and everything. Sadly we both know that it's not the case and life is filled with funny stories like the chick running after her ponytail!! :)

  2. Thanks darling! But then again it all lies on what we believe and how we stick to it. The trick is not to sway with the flow and let the society make decisions and definations for you!