Saturday, April 2, 2011

Vodacom goes red

South Africa’s leading cellular network”, Vodacom has changed its brand identity. The company’s new look strongly resembles that of its parent company, Vodafone. Their colours are now red and white and they are even using the Vodafone logo. I wonder if they will start using the "Power to you" slogan as well? After all Vodafone is very passionate about this line, they even fought Cell C for it. But what I would like to understand is Vodacom's motivation behind this change. Was is necessary? Usually companies rebrand when they feel a need to resurface in the market, which happens when competion is tough. I don't remember a period where Vodacom was battling to stand firmly on its grounds. Could they be feeling threatened by 8-ta?






  1. ummmmm? they actually need to rebrand. everybody is...

  2. I wonder why the change... 8-ta really that intimidating?

  3. I think Cell C has acquired a major chunk of the cellular market due to their re-branding and their customer orientated approach (remember the whole Trevor Noah campaign?), so Vodacom is definitely stating to feel the pinch.

    Also, I think it's a good thing that they are moving more toward their parent company, as this may mean cheaper network rates to international numbers run by Vodafone on other continents. Yay! What great news that'll be.

  4. I hope this change is not only outside but even their service delivery.

  5. Charne you are making a strong point right there hey...that's a benefit for their customers, which may bring in more customers. I'm so sure that must have been a part of their strategy. However, I'd still like to believe they are the leaders...well that what they have lead us to think, through their previuos PR and ad campaigns. Rebecca you are right, a lot of their subscribers complain of their sometimes, bad customer service but do they aver think of changing networs? NO! hehe, so Seems us littler red vodacom has got yol wrapped around her cape...LOL!