Saturday, April 2, 2011

I ♥ WeLove

I am a self acclaimed social butterfly; I have been to most of Cape Town’s happenin’ joints, from art galleries, sushi bars and coffee shops to dodge night clubs and swanky bars. I am constantly searching for new hangout spots, so I often rely on my fellow socialites for the lowdown on the latest hot places. This does not always prove to be an effective way to explore the social scene though. Some of the suggested places just turn out to be a total bore. However I have found a way to deal with that.

Thanks to my new addiction, WeLove, my days of stumbling across the city in search of an interesting place are over. WeLove is almost like South Africa’s social scene portal; there’s information on just the perfect places to dine, wine, lounge, have coffee or party all around the country. Powered and run by New Media Labs , the user friendly website allows its users to share the places and things that get their pulses racing.

WeLove is easy to use; all you have to do is to register following a few easy steps and you’ve got unlimited information on all stuff you’ve-never-felt-this-way-before passionate about right at your finger tips. You can share you knowledge with other users too! I have registered and my social life is about to be soooo relevant!  


  1. nice, interesting stuff, is this your new job?

  2. I should check it out, thank you for the information- I'll use it as a gig-guide!

  3. Wow this is informative, thanks alot hey.

  4. yeah hey, you guys must make use of this really EXCITING site! Im soooo addicted to it! Lawrence, this is not my job...its a newly found addiction! and I am soooo loving it!