Saturday, April 9, 2011

Siya Mahomba. Yup! That’s me.

I sat for about an hour starring at the blank word document on my PC screen trying to come up with a creative way of describing who I am. I wanted this post not to only reflect my being in words, but in how it is structured and laid out. I wanted it to be creative, funky and witty with an element of professionalism because that’s who I am.

But, I struggled so much in trying to achieve that. I must have drafted 3 versions but I kept on deleting them and starting from scratch because the perfectionist in me would not allow any poorly compiled post to go up on this blog. That’s the thing about me, I always have a clear plan of how I want to complete my tasks but I never finish anything without a struggle. That’s because I want everything to be done in absolute perfectionism. So after a really long battle I decided to ditch my perfect instinct and write about myself in a way that I would tell you in person.

My name is Siyabonga Keri Lucky Mahomba. You can call me Siya as most people call me and that’s how I prefer to be called. You can also call me Keri because that’s what my family and close relatives call me even though none of them including myself have no clue what this name means. For your own sake, DO NOT ever make the unfortunate mistake of calling me Lucky! I will not tell you what I would do to you because I want you to continue reading this.

I was born in June 1988, which makes me 22 years old and very nervous; in 8 years time I will be 30 and my worries will be shifted from my never perfect figure and immature balding to wrinkles and grey hair (oh gawd please make them invent an anti-wrinkle ointment that actually works before I reach 30). I will have to cross that bridge when I get to it; right now my focus is on fitting into my size 28 skinny jeans.

I come from a family of loud, crazy and very opinionated people so chances are, I will always have something to say on just about any subject even if its just saying “what the hell are you talking about!?!” I always want to know the “why” behind every “because”, I do not believe in following rules simply because they are set, I like to know why they even exist. And if their reasoning does not make sense to my understanding, I just do not abide by them. You can blame my mother for that. 

I grew up on the dusty and potholed streets of Khayelitsha. Sometimes I like to believe that place carved me into the overly ambitious person that I am today. You know, when you grow up in a shanty and a stray dogs filled environment, you can’t help but desire to experience other living options that this life has to offer. That’s probably why at some point I wanted to be a politician. Those people seem to have it all; fame, fortune and the privilege to be stupid and still be taken seriously. But I quickly ditched that quest when I realised that I would have to make empty promises for a living and talk like I’m reading a news bulletin.   

So I decided to get a career in a field that would to enable me to use my intelligence and creativity instead: Communications. I am also completing my BTech Degree in Public Relations Management on a part time basis through CPUT. I absolutely love my job and can’t imagine myself doing anything else (except maybe fashion designing).

I’m crazy about fashion and beyond obsessed with reading fashion blogs and commenting on them. Right now I can’t get over Tavi Gevison’s blog!  I love everything that has to do with clothes, from creating them to styling and washing them! One day when I grow up, I wanna be a fashion designer.

Uhm...yeah! That’s a nutshell. I think this best describes who I am, where I come from and what I do.

I'm some kind of a novelty


  1. The best part is that you looked really good on this pics and you are a fashionista yourself! Somethin kinda irresistible ♥*!! On that note... make your opportunities a reality.

  2. This blog descibes you more than the "I am" blog... I loved reading it. Thank you for sharing!

  3. Fab, fabu, fabulous u r! I kinda relate to your blog, especially the "combing-pr-with-fashion" part, id also like to be in fashion one day and its gonna happen, for both of us:) Keep shining Lucky! Ooops i meant Siya:)

  4. haha :) thank you babe! oooooh YES! its soooo gonna happen! You should totally check out Tavi Gevinson's blog (Style Rookie) and for something local you should read Marque DeGorgeous' blog as well...absolutely saucy i tell you! I'm like beyond obsessed with them! mwaz!