Friday, June 21, 2013

She’s a boy, he’s a girl and together they are L.O.V.E

“Who fucks who?”
                                          “Which one is a girl?”

                     “They are both so girly! How does it work?”

   “What is your role in the relationship?”
Some of the super annoying questions that have been asked to me and my fellow trannies regarding our relationships.  

Coming from a box minded member of the heterosexual bunch these questions are kind of tolerable. I mean, if you grow up in a community where your entire existence is questioned, you sort of get used to such nonsense.


If another gay person is gonna start asking such questions about another gay person – shit gets ma-jor!

I have been trying sooooo hard to ignore it but it’s becoming too prominent. While the heterosexuals are drawing lines between female acceptable norms and male acceptable norms, gays are busy pasting labels on what’s masculine (or supposed to be) and femininity.

Though this is kind of funny and almost too stupid, it does make my pink blood boil a little. In a world where minorities (gays being one of those groups) are oppressed solely for being different, wouldn’t it make a bit of sense for the minorities to stick together? Or at least understand and, oh gawd, tolerate each other? Or even maybe embrace each other’s differences?

According to me, it would.  But to…
-          Those so called ‘straight acting’ homosexuals discriminating against effeminate gay boys,

-          Those raving queens looking for butch boys to treat them like women,

-          Those little whores,  fags, gay boys whose priority should be their school books, but the next shag from another manly man is more important,

…none of that makes any sense. To them, no broken wrist should love another broken wrist – not in that way. They wonder how two majorly feminine trannies make love, how two fems run a successful romantic relationship.
The simplest definition of homosexual is:  a person who is sexually attracted to members of the same sex (not that being gay is all about sex: please be educated). To further simplify it, this means a boy that prefers to be intimate (sexually and emotionally) with another boy.
Oh, it does also apply to girls.

Now, how did femininity and masculinity come about? Why complicate things by adding ideal characteristics to each party of a homosexual union? I mean, gay people are generally misunderstood, so why all the complications?
Let me tell you: love is love. Sex is sex. Genitals are genitals. It really doesn’t matter what kind of body they are attached to or come from. Really, it doesn’t. As long as all these are utilised appropriately – we are good.

Okay? Thank you! Bye!

P.S: Tell me a story of any gay person that has ever questioned a relationship between two “straight acting” gay people.

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