Wednesday, June 19, 2013

I am back! Yes! Again!

I know its kinds shocking how long I've been gone. But I am BACK!

Goodness! It’s been exactly seven months since my last post! If that’s not embarrassing, I don’t know what is. I mean, not even my recent break up could have been this heart breaking!

I am back! No, really I am. Quite a lot has happened in my life since that last post.

I got a new job – a dream job at that (not quite), moved out of my mother’s house (phew!), graduated (yay!), enrolled for my Master’s Degree (honestly), broke up with The Papi (I’m no longer sad about it), my business started picking up pace (so excited about that)  and…and…and I am sooooo gonna post about it all!
Stick around and we will have fun darlings!

Oh, welcome back to moi!



  1. Hahaha so much to look forward too!
    Thanks for the mini update!
    You broke you with The Papi!!!??!!

  2. Yes honey! I broke up with him. Fucking looooooooong story! *sigh*