Thursday, November 8, 2012

My BIG fat dream...

I own Mary Kate Olsen’s entire wardrobe, I have a head full of unruly curly hair and I am cheating on my husband, Zakes Bantwini with Kanye West.
I don’t have a real job; I make a living from partying – people, organisations and governmental departments pay me really good money to make an appearance at their parties. I shop from all the top boutiques to kill time and on my free time; I get my facials nails done at Elixir Spar.
Well that’s just a fantasy I like to absorb myself in when the reality sucks, which is every other second day. But really, my big fat dream is my online retail store fully fledged with customers all over the country (or, makes that the world). I no longer regret having spent four years of my life studying for a qualification in a field that I am not entirely passionate about. I also do not really care that I spent another four years trying to carve a career in the same field.
All those years, have prepared me for my ultimate destination; fashion. Not only do I own this highly successful store, I also do publicity and media relation for fashion brands on a consulting basis.
I am married to the love of my life, we have a Chihuahua and will live happily ever after!

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