Thursday, November 8, 2012

BFFs Part II

Gosh! I just remembered that I promised that I’d give you a low down on the dynamics of my friendship with Wanda and Randy. You must have turned to mould from all the waiting right?
Ours is the kind of friendship that was planned long before our birth. The way we connect, understand each other and stick out for one another is just amazing – totally beyond words!
I met Wanda seven years ago while I was still in high school. My first impression of him was that he is stuck up and a bit of a nerd. He was always so reserved and walking on his own. Till this day, I still cringe when I think of how much I misperceived him!
Wanda is the most welcoming, selfless and loving human being that has ever entered my zone. I initially had a crush on him. I am always interested in the mysterious types – I have an irresistible urge to uncover the unknown on a first hand basis.
Thank goodness my quest to make him my boyfriend did not succeed! Today Wanda and I share something that no power couple could ever achieve; unconditional love coupled with tremendous care for each other that is almost brother-to-bother like. Sometimes I firmly believe that he is the brother that my mother secretly gave up for adoption.
Not a million words can ever express how much I am grateful to have him as a part of my life. He has been with me during the most trying times of my life, helped me through them and celebrated my successes with me.

Wanda & I

 Then there is Randy, whom I met three years ago through Wanda. A sweet soul hailing from East London on the Eastern Cape, Randy is the kind of a friend that would do absolutely anything to ensure a smile on my face. I have never met such a caring person in my life (my mother is an exception, of course).
I thank God and Wanda’s ex boyfriend for bringing Randy to my life! Randy came to Cape Town in search for a better job. The fact that he had been in a long distance relationship with Wanda’s ex boyfriend’s best friend was a bonus. Finally, he would get to live closer to his long time sweetheart.
Unfortunately, things did not work out and he found comfort in mine and Wanda’s arms, which he would later return with so much love, appreciation and extreme loyalty.
Quite honestly, I cannot begin to imagine my life without these two amazing friends. How we get along is amazing even to me.  A complete retard can tell at first glance how different we are from each other from the way each of us dresses to the kind of music we each enjoy. However, we have this amazing ability to fuse our differences together to form this wonderful friendship that nothing on this earth can compare to.
Randy & I

I will forever be grateful to God for blessing me with such beautiful friends.

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