Friday, April 13, 2012

Not all who wander are lost

After reassessing my ways, I found my mojo! 
About year ago I went through a somewhat difficult time of my life. I had discovered what I thought to be the worst mistake of my life: a completely wrong career choice! I had graduated from university and been in the industry for about two years but felt like I had not achieved anything. I realised that I had wasted three years of my life studying a course that would bring me nothing but misery instead of the success I had been hoping for.

If you spent time with me during this period, you would have been forgiven for calling me unstable, uncertain and lost. By this time I had changed jobs for three times in a bid to find one that truly satisfied me but I always found a number of things to hate in each of them. I was in the verge of a nervous breakdown when I decided to sit down and reassess the situation.

I love communications and media with all my heart so there was no way I could have made a mistake by deciding to study PR Management. So why was I never satisfied with any of the positions I acquired? After all, they were all in the field communications and media.

After much thought and analysing, I learnt that I had been going after jobs solely for the purpose of making an earning. I did not consider other important factors like the nature of the projects, working conditions and the work load. For that reason, I found myself in a never ending and a sad pursuit for job satisfaction. I was wandering like a lost traveller when all I needed to do was to just look for a job that I would thoroughly enjoy.

I decided to quit my job and go after what I truly desired; a creative job. After a while of unemployment and financial struggle, I finally got what I had been searching for! I am now finding my feet in a job that I would call perfectly ideal. As I look back on my journey, I realise I was never lost…I was walking towards the right direction but looking at the wrong way.