Saturday, February 12, 2011

Designer PR?

I absolutely enjoy creative writing, so it came natural to choose a career path that would allow me to make use of my writing abilities. I knew from the beginning that I had a special position in the public relations/communications world. I’m very passionate about my profession; I look at it as art and I regard myself as a designer.

How is PR writing a design component? You would ask.

As PR practitioners, we design and formulate copy for communications material such as adverts, websites and press releases. We also design and produce publications like newsletters and brochures. Most importantly, we invent effective communication strategies.

We communicate to different target audiences on behalf of our clients or organisations. In most cases the communication is sent across in written word. Each audience differs from the other; therefore all information addressed to them has to be designed in a way that will appeal to them.

In doing so, we take into consideration the audience demographic profile and construct the information in a manner that will be best suitable to the audience’s understanding. Using their demographic profile again, we then choose a medium that will deliver the communication effectively. For example, a more serious tone/style of writing would be used if the target audience is business people. Publications such as The Business Report would be selected to carry the message across.

So yes, that is how PR writing forms part of the design world and I call what I do ‘Designer PR’.


  1. it is absolutely interesting to find someone who intergrates his life experiences and dereams with his/ her profession... it then makes it easier for one to understand the theory...

    I personally had no clue what Designer PR entaild, After reading your blog and other blogs I had some light.

  2. I have to confess you really inspired me with this piece wow well explained n it's very clear I would really buy the idea. Nice formulation of structure

  3. Very informative... thank you for sharing!