Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Three weeks planned for two years gone forever.

Bang. Click. The sound of the door slamming shut, followed by a twist of the key locking. He finally let the rest of the tears free – flowing down his face straight to the floor to join countless pieces of a broken mug.
The mug, in its initial stages of life, was part of a special gift for his boyfriend. Birth day. Joyous. Just a week ago.
Fuck! What did just happen? How did I get here? His boyfriend, with answers to those questions was gone. Out the door back to his fictional life.
Bang. Click. The door shut behind him.
It had been three weeks of harmony. Three sets of seven days day dreamed for two years. The plan, developed over two years, was for his boyfriend to find service and the two of them to live happily ever after. They would love each other to eternity. Breaks to endless sex. Hobbies shared. Marriage.
A perfect plan.
It was meant to unfold two years foregoing to the three weeks of harmony. Distance stood still. Miles between the two different provinces they each called home were an unmovable hurdle. They ran somewhat a successful relationship making use of text and digits. Facebook. WhatsApp. Email.
Turned out outrageously wrong.
He made a breakthrough, a result of sleepless nights working towards a dream. Landed a decent job; another successful step of his career. Naturally, he saw it fit to help out his boyfriend.
Distance varnished.
Two years of frustrating planning was now all worth it. They were loving each other to eternity. Breaks to endless sex. Hobbies shared. Marriage.
It lasted for three weeks. The love was interrupted by doubts. They were both not so good in endless sex. Arguments so frequent they resembled hobbies.
Break up.
A careless mistake led to appalling revelations. His boyfriend never loved him.  Pretence. His boyfriend told lies. Deception. His boyfriend was not his boyfriend. Bogus identity.
Cheated. Used. Fucked.
Bang. Click. The door slammed, shutting out three weeks planned for two years.
Gone forever.


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