Friday, July 6, 2012

My top 200 achievements

As you might know, I am also running this blog as part of the requiremets to obtain my BTech Degree in Public Relations Management. On one of the courses, Media Studies, we are required to create a prominent online presence, which of course includes establishing and maintaining a good blog (surprise!).
We are given veeeeery random topics to blog on every week. Fortunately we also have absolute freedom to be creative around those topics and interprete them in anyway we deem suitable . This week, we were given this topic: My top 200 achievements.
No! I’m being for real!
I accepted this with a mega sigh and a dramatic panic attack; the first thing I thought about was that I will have to make a list! I H.A.T.E lists!!!
I just had to find an excuse to get out of this rather dreadful task, not that I am not proud of my achievements and not dying to make a brag list. So after a long while of thinking, I did not find a an excuse to dogde this, but I found one good reason!
My Media Studies, Marian Pike, always encourages us to not always stick by the rules but find ways to stick out while maintaining good standards. So this week I am doing just that! I will not list my top 200 top achievements. After all, my entire being sums up all that I have achieved; I have lived and I continue doing so.